Mabels FAQ


How far in advance should I order my cake?

We require a minimum of 72 hours notice for all our cakes online, for a custom order we require 2 weeks notice. We currently take orders up to 3 months in advance. Please contact us at orders@mabels.com.au


Do you offer delivery?

We currently do not offer delivery but are working on it and will be delivering soon!


How do I carry and store a cake?

When you collect your cake from our café please use two hands either side under the box. Hold it level and pop it somewhere flat in your car, preferably in the passenger front seat. If you are eating your cake on the day of collection you can leave it somewhere cool/shaded. If it is for the following day keep it refrigerated until a few (2-4) hours before your event

* If it is hot day please use A/C and keep in a shaded + cool space, it will melt in direct sunlight!


I need a gluten free cake?

Our carrot cake is always gluten free and we have a gluten free chocolate cake, just select the GF option.

*All cakes are made in a kitchen that contains and uses flour, there may be traces


Can you copy this design I found?

We can not copy or recreate other caker's work. Mood boards and inspiration images are welcome but we will adapt it to suit our Mabels style. We always do our best to deliver a cake that you love!


How big are your cakes?

We have a range of size options, the dimensions and servings are below

6 inch 3 layer – Serves 6-10 (15cm W x 7-8cm H)

6 inch 4 layer – serves 10-18 (15cm W x 12-14cm H)

9 inch 4 layer – serves 16-36 (23cm W x 10-12cm H)

9 inch 6 layer – serves 24-50 (23cm W x 14-16cm H)

6 inch 3 layer HEART – serves 6-10 (15cm W x 5-7cm H)

8 inch HEART – serves 20-38 (20cm W x 8-10cm H)

10 inch 4 layer HEART - serves 24-35 (25cm x 12-12cm H)


I would like to order a tiered cake?

We would love to create this for you, please send us an email and lets chat! orders@mabels.com.au


I would like to order cupcakes

Amazing! You can find all of our cupcakes online.

We do offer an assorted 6/12 pack where flavours are dictated by what we are baking instore on that day. You are welcome to come instore and choose from the cabinet if you would like to have a specific selection.


How far in advance can I collect my order?

Ideally you will collect your cake on the day of your event. However our cakes and lemon loaf do keep for 3-4 days, our cupcakes are best at 1-2 days after collection.